Where’s the Best Place to Sell Your Scrap Car in Brisbane?

Sell Your Scrap Car in Brisbane

Visit Cash for Cars Brisbane to get the best deal on cash for a scrap car in Brisbane. They understand that the mere thought of that nearly lifeless car gives you jitters because it appears to be such a hassle to have it removed! Well, believe it or not, every car can help you make a quick buck in the most convenient way possible. How Much Does Best Car Removal Pay? Let them spill the beans if you’ve been wondering how they can pay you up to $8999 in cash for an old, nearly unusable car.

They are a leading and experienced Car Removal Service provider in cities such as Brisbane, Townsville, Mackay, Rockhampton, and Cairns. Dealing with old, rusted cars for so long has made us experts in dealing with scrap, repurposing and reselling materials, and, most importantly, wrecking everything that cannot be used. This helps them make up for the money they paid for your car upfront.

Do you want to sell your old car? Do you need money right away? We buy all vehicles, including cars, 4x4s, and trucks that have been written off, damaged, or too expensive to repair. Even if it can’t be driven, we’ll buy it and pay you cash immediately. We can lift it into Isuzu or Western trucks using our cutting-edge Hiab or Palfinger truck-mounted cranes or tilt tray tow trucks. Don’t pay someone to transport it to the wreckers; we’ll pay you!

3 Easy Steps

  1. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a price quote.
    Fill out the correct form or call us to get a quote on your vehicle.
  2. We will pick you up, or you will deliver
    We’ll arrange a time to meet at your location to pick up your vehicle, or you can deliver it to us.
  3. Earn Money
    We’ll pay you desired cash on the spot and provide all necessary documentation for your car.

We pick up and give you cash for your cars and scrap metal all over Brisbane from our scrap yard, including:

  • Brisbane Central
  • Brisbane South
  • North Brisbane
  • West Brisbane
  • East Brisbane

We buy and recycle your cars in any condition, make, or model, offer car body removal, and pay cash on the spot. Why pay to have it towed when you can sell your scrap car for cash?

Vehicles We Purchase

  • Damaged/Unrepairable
  • Worn Out/Unsafe Car
  • Car Bodies

Why Onyx cash for cars?

  • We pay cash and top dollar.
  • You Get A Fixed Price With Free Pick-Up. We Recycle Everything

How will we recycle your vehicle?

We recycle approximately 98 percent of the components of your car using our stand-alone Bonfiglioli Shredder in an environmentally sensitive and compliant manner, ensuring all local, state, and federal legislation is followed. The only parts of the car that can no longer be recycled with the Bonfiglioli Shredder are the foam, fabric, and plastic components. Everything else is shredded and sorted before being sold to metal foundries, which melt it down, process it, and then sell the new metals to metal manufacturers. The recycling process is ongoing.

Get money for your car while helping the environment.

Our cash for scrap cars service is about more than just getting paid for your old car. Recycling your vehicle with our Bonfiglioli stand-alone shredder benefits the environment in a variety of ways, including:

  • Reducing landfills — When cars are discarded in landfills, chemicals and pollutants pollute the soil and can leak into our waterways.
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions — recycling steel is far more efficient than digging up the ground for raw materials.
  • Engine repurposing: Engines, gearboxes, and other car parts can be repurposed, reducing landfill and greenhouse gas emissions.


You get rid of a junky car, and they make the most of it! If that doesn’t sound like a win-win situation to you, we don’t know what does. For more information, go to onyx cash for Cars Brisbane. With our cash for cars policy and car removal service, you can get some money on the spot for your scrap car while also helping the environment. Why not contact us today to find out how much your old car is worth?

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